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Corporate B&P - Business with Pleasure

We are full-service event planning, coordinating, and Production Company.
We are able to offer a complete event production package while never compromising on quality. Because we understand quality, we are consummate in our efforts to produce it by overseeing every single aspect of your event.

We begin by meeting with you to obtain your expectations and goals. This wish list then serves as our constant guide in planning your event. We will estimate and research all costs involved with your event and present you with a customized proposal and budget accordingly. After securing our services, we will negotiate the contracts for you to ensure all the best prices possible.

The people at our company are masters of detail. In fact, we believe that it’s the details, which make any event successful and will ultimately make your event successful. We will be in constant communication with you regarding those details and the overall progress of your event. Our services include every possible detail you can imagine such as invitations, DJs, bands, dיcor, and rentals of every kind. In addition, we will document all discussions with vendors to prevent any misunderstandings come event time.

Whether your function is a high level meeting or a very personal party, our Production team will be with you every step of the way, quite literally. We will be on-site prior to, during, and after your event to care for every single detail until the very end. When it comes to the location for your event, you are going to want the best and most beautiful site that you can find. Yet, quite often, the task of choosing the perfect location can be complicated and overwhelming. Let us help you find it. Our production team specialize in handling all the challenges involved with securing event venues.

To begin with, we have the resources available to narrow down and carry out your search. In addition, we have the experience in dealing with the many and various facets of the site selection process. Our in-depth knowledge of the types and characteristics of all the possible facilities and locations means that there will be no surprises down the road. Your function will be flawless.

Last but not least, there’s your budget. Whether the sky is the limit or your funds are limited, we will work with you. Bottom line, we’ll take care of your bottom line your success is our goal. Executing a smooth theme or seasonal event may seem a bit daunting but never to us. From the most dramatic kinds of parties to your most subdued affairs like the getting-down-to-business-business meetings, it’s all about setting the proper tone.

We know exactly how to set the proper tone. We will ask you the right questions to determine your goals and expectations. Once more, we will plan, coordinate and produce your event with the most appropriate theme we can imagine. And, if you should already have a theme, we will make sure it is carried out in detail and within every element of your function, successfully and exquisitely.

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